This fall, the 22nd september marks the release of Heimatt’s second album following his debutalbum ”With You I Will Dance All The Way Through The Night. I Will Tie Your Hands And Go Blind. If You Just Let Me.” from 2015, which was a critics favourite in both his homecountry Denmark and in Europe.

Since 2014 Magnus Grilstad has released both an EP and a debutalbum, two releases that has sent the danish/norwegian musician and his band on several tours in Denmark and Germany, while they have been an absolute favourite among the european festivals taking young Grilstad & his friends on some long festivalsummers visiting Roskilde Festival, Reeperbahn Festival, Tallinn Music Week, SmukFest, SPOT Festival, and Trailerpark Festival just to name a few of the over 40 festivals that Heimatt has visited the last two years.

Ever since the beginning of Heimatt, things have moved fast for the young Grilstad. Only 6 months went by from the first time Magnus and his band met till they were booked to Roskilde Festival (3rd biggest festival in the world) and had signed a record-deal with the biggest indielabel in Scandinavia, Playground Music.

After two years with over 100 concerts all over Europe where Heimatt has established its name, Magnus decided that he needed time and space to figure out what direction the project should take, and the results are very easy to hear on the new songs, specially musically alot has changed where it before was the modern indie/folk that Heimatt was know for, the new songs have taken the music into a more electronic and pop-ish direction, while Heimatt has maintained the great and almost theatrical organic sound that has turned the band into a festivaldarling.

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