We do combined PR, Consulting & Coaching for a variety of Danish acts.
If you or your band needs promotional assistance or coaching, contact Magnus Grilstad for more info.


We handle funding for a variety of artists and here’s a list of some of the succesful projects we have managed to fund recording sessions, mix, mastering, PR deals, music video’s and pressing costs for.

Guldimund – 90.000DKK
Rebecca Lou – 77.500DKK
Josa Barck – 57.000DKK
Lieb – 30.000DKK
Rasmus Nelausen – 30.000DKK
October Dance – 25.000DKK
Cherry Blossom Kids – 25.000DKK
Elba – 22.500DKK
Nicolai Noa – 22.500DKK
Video Compact – 20.000DKK
Another Juggle – 15.000DKK
Your Love – 12.000DKK
Sharon Stone – 10.000DKK
Kin – 10.000DKK
Electric Elephants – 7.500DKK
Clinic Blonde – 5.000DKK